3 Cryptocurrency Apps Every Trader Should Know About

3 Cryptocurrency Apps Every Trader Should Know About

Crypto trading could have been a lot difficult without cryptocurrency applications. Keeping track of your trading activities is crucial if you want to come out with flying colors. Being fully updated about the latest price fluctuations helps you make buy and sell decisions.

It may not possible for an individual to sit in front of his personal computer 27/4.  That’s the reason why apps come in handy. Install the app of your favorite crypto platform on your smartphone and stay connected on the go.


eToro is a wonderful crypto application for global traders. It offers easy access to the Bitcoin dominance chart, TRON, Ethereum, and the rest of the virtual currencies.

Based on innovation and simplicity, the app gives you authentic information about the current price and market cap.

It’s on top of the list due to dedicated customer support, 100k demo account, fast performance, and quick signup.

Follow easy instructions to get started. It’s free to download on Android and iOS devices.


If you are a beginner who doesn’t have much knowledge about the crypto industry, then Coinbase is the best crypto app to use. It’s one of the most prestigious applications available for traders around the world.

The Coinbase app keeps you posted on the latest market trends. More than 56 million users rely on this application to make the most of their crypto endeavors.


Another trustworthy crypto app to purchase cryptocurrencies instantly. It helps you set up your crypto portfolio and start trading straight away.

You get 3% back on purchases made through Gemini Credit Card. This particular app is safe and secure to use on a smartphone.

You get the latest price alerts to make the most of the right buying moment. Get straight access to Bitcoin price analysis to make productive decisions. It gives you $10 free in Bitcoin when you invite anyone from friends and family.

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