Get the Best Cloud Storage Services with Kryptox

Get the Best Cloud Storage Services with Kryptox

KRYPTOX, the encrypted end to end cloud storage company yesterday announced the beta launch of its cloud service. The service, according to the company, enables software developers to push and pull their application data on a decentralized network.

The KRYPTOX decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage service appears similar to any other distributed networks. The storage space for the files to be stored on the platform will be provided by the community.

Contributing Storage Space for Cryptos

The community members – called farmers – are similar to bitcoin miners. However, instead of contributing their processing power to the pool, they contribute storage space in return for the platform’s own cryptocurrency called KRYPTOX coin.

According to the company’s blog post, the beta release of the KRYPTOX platform is currently operating in an invite-only stage. Therefore, only the users with invitations will be able to use the platform and evaluate its performance. Soon, it will be opened for public as well.

Distributed Computing Infrastructure

Looking at a bigger picture, KRYPTOX are part of the distributed computing infrastructure.

Even though the decentralized blockchain based services are still in its nascent stages, the concept of distributed computing has been there for a while now and KRYPTOX will bring it to the mainstream.

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